1.What is the difference between A1 and X5, X7?2021-07-03T03:31:42+00:00

A: Power A1 is a pure POWER cycling trainer (with built-in POWER meter), which can be used alone or connected with various cycling software. The difference is that A1 is built in constant resistance, can not automatically change the resistance (can only be manually changed resistance). And the X series can be automatically variable resistance.

2. What's the difference between X3 and X5 and X7?2021-07-03T03:31:59+00:00

A: The X3 is a tyre-grinding smart trainer (you don't need to remove the rear wheels), while the X5 and X7 are direct-drive (you need to remove the rear wheels to use the trainer). X3 is the disadvantage of grinding tire noise is relatively loud, the output power is not accurate, the advantage is simple structure, convenient installation, cheap price.

3. What is the meaning of accuracy?2021-07-03T03:36:17+00:00

A: The power accuracy indicated in the technical parameters of the cycling trainer, such as ±2%, represents the average error between the output power value of the machine (work done by the rider) and the power testing equipment.

4. What is the meaning of maximum slope?2021-07-03T03:36:37+00:00

A: Denotes the maximum resistance built into the cycling trainer, and the resistance value of the corresponding maximum climbing slope that can be simulated; In general, the driver's weight is 70kg as a reference.

5. How does the power displayed on the cycling trainer come from?2021-07-03T03:36:54+00:00

A: The power output on the cycling trainer corresponds to the trampling power emitted by the rider in the process of riding. According to the physical formula: power = speed x force. On the cycling trainer, it can be transformed into the rotational speed of the cycling trainer x the damping force of the cycling trainer, which can be measured by various sensors inside the cycling trainer.

6. What is the function of spindown calibration?2021-07-03T03:47:10+00:00

A: Because the belt will be naturally stretched for a long-time using, resulting in changes in belt tensioning force, indirectly leading to the increase of power calculation error. Therefore, spindown calibration is to eliminate the error caused by the variation of belt tension.


7. How often does the spindown calibration of ThinkRider X5 and X7 need to be done?2021-07-03T03:47:38+00:00

A: The new X5 and X7 use the belt automatic tensioning design, so even if the belt is stretched after long-term use, the automatic tensioning mechanism will automatically adjust the tensioning force to reduce errors. So X5 and X7 basically don't have to racemize, unless you discover the belt slipping.

8. Are there any requirements for the power supply required by the cycling trainer?2021-07-03T03:47:55+00:00

A: The cycling trainer is equipped with a power adapter, and the input voltage is 100V-240V. However, because the universal plug standard of each country is not the same, so, if not suitable, please buy another adapter plug.

9. How loud is the noise on the trainer?2021-07-03T03:48:15+00:00

A: The noise of X3 tire-grinding cycling trainer is relatively loud  when riding at high speed. Other direct-drive trainers are very quiet, and basically the loudest noise during the ride is the sound of the chain transmission (which is unavoidable).

1. What kind of connection mode is used to connect the cycling trainer?2021-07-03T03:48:39+00:00

A: The cycling trainer of ThinkRider basically adopts dual-mode wireless connection mode: Bluetooth connection and Ant + connection. Depending on the software and device environment you use, you are free to choose each mode.

2. Can I use mobile Zwift and other third-party software?2021-07-03T03:49:03+00:00

A: Right now, all of the trainers on sale can use third-party software with standard protocols like Zwift.

3. Can the old X7 1st generation use third-party mobile software?2021-07-03T03:49:27+00:00

A: No.

4. How to connect the TV with the cycling trainer?2021-07-03T03:49:40+00:00

A: The trainer is currently only connected to a computer or mobile phone, via Bluetooth or Ant +. When you see students running Zwift and other cycling apps on their TV, that's because they use the TV as an external monitor, connected to their computer or phone (essentially, the biker is still connected to their computer or phone). You can do the same thing.

5. Is there any software that is not compatible with ThinkRider hardware or equipment?2021-07-03T03:50:00+00:00

A: At present, most of the mainstream cycling software in the market can be used with ThinkRider. If you find any new cycling software is not suitable for ThinkRider, please contact the software company or our ThinkRider official in time to remind them to solve the problem as soon as possible.

6. Can ThinkRider use the Mac system of Apple computer?2021-07-03T03:50:19+00:00

A: Whether you can use the Mac or not is a question of the cycling software, not the hardware. As far as I know, Zwift is currently developing cycling software for Mac system, which can be used by ThinkRider.

7. ThinkRider X5 and X7 are connected to the computer cycling software. Why can't I feel the change of resistance when going up or down the hill?2021-07-03T03:50:34+00:00

A: 1. When connecting, please select "smart Cycling trainer" instead of "Power Meter"; 2. The slope sensitivity in the software setting should not be set too low; 3. Do not enter ERG mode or training mode in cycling software. If it still cannot be solved, please contact customer service.

8. What is the ERG (target power) function of the cycling trainer?2021-07-03T03:50:49+00:00

A: ERG mode is also called "locked power mode". When ERG mode is turned on and the target power is set, if the rider is slow pedaling, the cycling trainer will automatically increase the resistance to maintain the rider's target power output. If you pedal fast, the trainer will automatically reduce resistance, like a cruise. However, be aware that ERG mode can cause damage to your body and knees if your abilities fall short of the target power, so it is not recommended for novices to use it often.

9. Can the cycling trainer be connected to the Gaming bike computer?2021-07-03T03:51:13+00:00

A: It depends on the specific type of the bike computer, whether it supports online cycling trainer or power meter. Generally, high-order Gaming bike computer has these functions.

10. Why can't the cycling software search the cycling trainer on the computer after the cycling trainer is powered on?2021-07-03T03:51:30+00:00

A: First, check whether the Ant + receiver is plugged in, then, check whether the Ant + driver is installed. Finally. The distance between the cycling trainer and the computer should not be more than 3m. If it is too far away, you can use ANT+ extension cord.

11. Why can't I find the device when I plug in Ant +?2021-07-03T03:51:50+00:00

A: 2. Check if the Ant + driver is installed. 3. The distance between the cycling trainer and the computer should not be more than 3m. If it is too far away, you can use ANT+ extension cord.

12. Why can't I log in to PowerFun?2021-07-03T03:52:04+00:00

A: Check to see if the network is working. If it still doesn't work, please download and install again.

1. Can CP and XDR cassette be used? Do you need a separate freehub?2021-07-03T03:52:42+00:00

A: Yes, the freehub needs to buy separately, please contact a dealer to purchase accessories.

2. I am using Shimano 12 speed mountain groupset. Can I use the smart trainer?2021-07-03T03:52:57+00:00

A: yes, please contact a dealer to purchase accessories.

3. Why does the 142mm adapter abrasion my frame?2021-07-03T03:53:12+00:00

A: Different types of frames have different structures. If you find that they are not suitable, please contact the dealer to buy a customized adapter.

4. Could you please tell me why the X7 I bought didn't include the front wheel pad?2021-07-03T03:53:25+00:00

A: The X7 does not require the use of front wheel pads. Of course, if you really want to keep the front wheels high (for a more comfortable position), place a brick or book under the front wheels.

5. Why does the chain skip gear?2021-07-03T03:53:50+00:00

A: Please readjust the rear derailleur.

6. Why can't my 9 speed cassette be installed?2021-07-03T03:54:03+00:00

A: Standard HG type 9 speed cassette can be installed (note to add cassette washer, the accessories package is standard).

7. The feeling of riding is very astringent. What is the reason for the slight abnormal noise?2021-07-03T03:54:19+00:00

A: Check to see if there are any friction or contact customer service

8. Why does the freehub pop out when it doesn't go in?2021-07-03T03:54:37+00:00

A: Follow the video tutorial to install it.

9. Why does my X7-3 have the sound of belt friction after being used for some time?2021-07-03T03:54:53+00:00

A: This is the belt wear, it is recommended to replace the belt. If you want to use it a little bit longer, you can put a little bit of butter in the belt trough, it'll get rid of the noise.

10. What is the resistance source of ThinkRider smart trainer?2021-07-03T03:55:18+00:00

A: reluctance.

1. Common fault maintenance of X7:2021-07-12T03:37:28+00:00

The speed of X7 is not accurate, there is no resistance, no speed, low power and other speed, resistance, power related faults can be mostly replaced by light sensing stickers, gaskets, speed small board and motherboard to solve.


Replacing the stickers, gaskets video:


Replacing speed small board video:


Replacing the motherboard video:

2. How to solve the excessively high temperature displayed on the software interface when riding X7?2021-07-12T03:38:01+00:00

Excessive temperature is usually due to a problem with the temperature sensing element causing the display error, temperature sensing elements adjustment method reference video:

3. How to solve the belt slip?2021-07-12T03:38:24+00:00

Belt skid is generally caused by insufficient tensioning force, this situation can be solved by re-tensioning the belt or replacing the belt, or reinstalling the belt, if you need to replace the belt, please contact , we will provide you with a new belt. You can learn how to troubleshoot in the following video.


X7 tensioning belt video:


X7 replacement belt video:


X5 tensioning belt video:


X5 replace belt video:


A1 tensioning belt video:


A1 replace belt video:


X5 video of the belt can be adjusted:

4. How to solve the problem that the light of X5 is not on?2021-07-12T03:38:43+00:00

When X5 is connected to the power supply and the equipment can be normally connected, the indicator light bar of the equipment is not on, mostly because the lamp board is broken and the lamp board needs to be replaced. If you need to replace the light bar, please contact  and we will provide you with a new light bar. You can learn how to troubleshoot in the following video.


X5 replacement light bar video:

5. What should I do if the X5 fan doesn't work or there is noise?2021-07-12T03:38:58+00:00

The X5 fan does not turn. First check whether the power interface of the fan is loose or not. If there is noise, check whether it rubs against something else. If there is nothing wrong with the power port or anything else, then the fan itself is broken and needs to be replaced. If you need a replacement fan, please contact  and we will provide you with a new fan. You can learn how to do it in the video below.


X5 fan replacement video:


6. What should I do if the speed of X3 is too low or no speed?2021-07-12T03:39:12+00:00

Speed-related problems in X3 are generally caused by the induction head of the speed sensor being too far away from the Hall element to detect changes. You need to turn the speed sensor head to the right a little bit to detect changes. If not, then you need to replace the motherboard. If you need to replace the motherboard, please contact  and we will provide you with a new motherboard. You can learn how to do it in the video below.


X3 bending speed sensor video:

7. Why is the A1 blue light flashing but the Bluetooth signal is not connected?2021-07-12T03:39:27+00:00

A1 is a pure power meter rather than an intelligent cycling trainer, so it is necessary to select the ‘power meter’ when connecting, but it cannot be connected if ‘the intelligent cycling trainer’ is selected. If the ‘power meter’ is still not connected, confirm whether the Bluetooth mode of the device is on or not. If the connection is indeed not connected, the speed sensor needs to be replaced. If you need to replace the speed sensor, please contact  and we will provide you with a new speed sensor. You can learn how to do it in the video below.


A1 speed sensor to replace video:


8. What should I do if A1 suddenly becomes completely immobile or there is abnormal noise?2021-07-12T03:39:40+00:00

If there is abnormal sound, first check whether the inertia wheel rubs the bracket and the belt to run off, if not, check whether the magnet is damaged. If the magnet broken will appear abnormal sound or immovable phenomenon, this time you need to replace the magnet. If you need to replace the magnet, please contact  and we will provide you with a new magnet. You can learn how to do it in the video below.


A1 replacement magnet video:

9. Do I have to use the exact same chain as on my bike?2021-07-12T03:39:53+00:00

You do not need to change the chain when riding on the trainer, but if the cassette on your trainer is larger than the cassette on the bike, your chain may not be long enough and you may need to change the appropriate cassette or chain.

10. Can the bike computer display the mileage power data?2021-07-12T03:40:38+00:00

Yes.The BC200 bike computer can display power-meter data and mileage data and so on.

11. Is there an app that uses it to track distance and calories?2021-07-12T03:41:27+00:00

Yes, the application that fits with the ThinkRider BC200 is PowerFun . It can be downloaded from the DOWNLOAD page or

12. Is it compatible with disc brakes?2021-07-12T03:42:02+00:00

Compatible. At present, the ThinkRider direct drive cycling trainer on sale can use the 142/148 thru axle adapter. If you buy a pre-2021 trainer and use a post-2021 frame, you may need to contact customer service to exchange an adapter for the latest model.

13. Does this apply to Zwift? If so, can Zwift control resistance? What data is transferred to applications such as TrainerRoad and Zwift?2021-07-12T03:42:19+00:00

You can use Zwift. Zwift can control the resistance of X3, X5, X7 and H7, but not the resistance of A1. The power and speed data of the trainer will be sent to the appropriate application via Ant + FEC or Bluetooth protocol.

What is the slope of cycling trainer A12021-07-12T03:42:54+00:00

The A1 cycling trainer has a prefabricated slope of 3%.